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I am so grateful to all of those who supported our Kickstarter campaign for Niko Discovers the 5 Senses Game. We did it!

Today, I signed the agreement with the printers, and I will be able to print 1500 books to get us started. Every dollar that comes in will need to go toward purchasing more. But, that is ok, the goal is to get this into as many children's hands as possible.

The printing company is in NJ, however, the printing is done in China, so I have just learned that they will be closed for about 3 weeks in February for the Chinese New Year. So, sadly that will slow down the receipt of the books. It's like waiting for Christmas.

This process has been such a growing experience, learning the ins and outs of publishing is not an easy feat. I will continue to explore all that there is to learn. Between now and when the books arrive, I have much to do. I am working on a new book, it's almost completely written, this children's book is for the younger set, 18 mos-3 years. It is a story to assure littles that they need not be worried when Mommy or Daddy drop them off at Daycare, that they will always return for them. The story will bring a little bear cub through a day beginning with waking, preparing for the day, going to Mrs. Fox's daycare, and the worry he feels when Mommy turns to leave. The fun he has through the day, then Mommy's promise to return is validated as she walks through the door.

This is a rhyming story, that will build confidence from repetitive reading and will help toddlers relate to the little cub, and see what they may have to look forward to with friends to play with.

More to come! In the meantime, I will be posting as able, and hope you will sign up to receive updates on the arrival of the book.

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