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Karen Correll’s beautifully written children’s book “Niko Discovers the 5 Senses Game” is a must-own for parents and children. As we are learning to navigate our way through this current pandemic worry, stress is at the forefront of every family. Through this book, she has created a simple but thoughtful technique brought to life to help children find ways of managing worry. It also gives parents a way of spending fun quality time with their children while teaching self-soothing skills. Teaching a child to use their imagination and look inward for guidance and strength is a skill that will benefit them throughout their lifetime. As a Clinical Social Worker, I will certainly be sharing this book with families and Clinicians.



Marilyn Pells-Cyr, LICSW

Karen has created an essential story to help kids manage emotions by using a technique that really works. One of the bet ways to help meet the social-emotional needs of children is to help them develop the skills they need to be resilient. Niko Discovers the 5 Senses Game will give so many children a way to overcome obstacles in order to become successful in life.


Donna Caggige, M.Ed. Special Education/Primary Ed.

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