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 In Person Author Visits

Supporting Activities for

the classroom

Educators: I would love to talk with you about the in-person school visits that can happen for your classroom or schoolwide. I am also available to train teachers on how to implement the 5 Senses Game into the classroom setting for various ages. 

Regardless of age, Niko Discovers the 5 Senses Game can be used as a benefit for children pre-k through middle school.  Each age group is modified to meet the child at their level. 


Pre-K classroom:


A visit would be designed to teach the teachers how to incorporate the storybook into the class over weeks prior to the visit. Teachers will be offered brief age-specific lesson plans to introduce the senses, one at a time, over a 5-week window. The author's visit would come after or close to the end of the 5 weeks of study.  I read the story to the group, and talk about their superpowers in using their five senses as a way to feel better when they feel worried, upset, or angry. We play the game together using a graphic they can color later. 

Grades K-3:

All visits are unique to the school's needs. It may be an in-person author visit with a school assembly reading the story and talking about how a book is made, then personalizing pre-purchased books as the children leave the auditorium/gym, or a day-long event visiting classrooms and reading the story and doing an activity using the 5 Senses Game afterward.

Grades 4-6:

In-person, classroom visits include sharing the story first (when's the last time kids this age had someone read a children's book to them? They love it!) A talk about how they can use their superpowers to take back control over BIG emotions, and how they can use it to help others in their family do the same, by sharing the story with parents and siblings. Once kids have experienced the naturally occurring sense of calm, they are more prepared to be "teachers of the process" and that can be exciting.  Kids in this age group also get a review of how the book came to be and the creative process.

In-School Visits for Vermont Schools

and Some border-line Communities

  • Reading of Niko Discovers the 5 Senses Game

  • An in-person Q & A to discuss the book and the 5 senses.

  • An overview of how the book was made including pictures of the process, illustration, editing, formatting, and printing based on grade level, and presentation of the process.

  • Sales sheets will be sent to the schools to go home with students ahead of the visit, so families can order personalized books that will be hand-delivered on the date of the scheduled visit. 

  • Arrangements for a single classroom visit of up to 45 min. or a day-long visit accommodating up to 5 classrooms over 5 hours.

Every school has unique requests and I am happy to discuss what will work best for your students and how to make the time productive and provide a lasting impact on the families in your community.


Email me for more information! Let's see what we can come up with!

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To learn more, or schedule an event email Karen at Correllcommunications@gmail.com

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