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Parents of 5 to 8-years-olds
What would it feel like if ...
you could help your child become more confident?
Or, you didn't have to change plans because of your child's worry or anxiety?
Instead, you found that your child no longer withdrew from social activities, instead they knew what to do when they began to feel worried.
If this sounds like what you want for your child, I have good news.
It is possible to help your child to be strong and confident by providing them with tools to help develop skills they can rely on throughout their lives.
And, see them become more engaged and possibly sleep better too!
Wondering how? Let me introduce you to a special new book,

Niko Discovers the 5 Senses Game 

This book offers a simple, holistic approach to mindfulness that provides children with 

tools to learn how to calm themselves whenever they feel worried or anxious. 

Niko Discovers the 5 Senses Game was created to help you...

  • See progress in your child's ability to manage stress by reading and practicing the game together as they learn to play it independently,

  • Experience reading together and sharing in a game you can both use to feel calm and refocused.

  • And, help you to open up conversations about emotions so your child will better understand the "symptoms" of anxiety and learn how to respond to help themselves.

Niko Discovers the 5 Senses Game

is a book that helps children to redirect their worry about "what if's" to "what is" happening in the moment. It includes additional resources in the back to add to your parenting toolbox, 

By now you may be wondering who I am and why I have written

this book. Let me introduce myself to you.

My name is Karen Correll.

Last summer I spent a term in school studying Wellness and researching childhood anxiety. I was stricken to learn of the toll that anxiety is having on children around the world, especially since the start of the pandemic. The research shows the long-term impact anxiety can have on children exposed to stress lasting longer than two weeks. It has been over a year now.

Then, while practicing mindfulness using the 5 senses myself I felt compelled to turn this into a fun and easy-to-follow game to help children learn how to reduce their

worries and refocus on the present.

Plus, I am a mom of two grown daughters, whom both have struggled with anxiety.

I wish I had had a resource like this children's book, to share with them

when they were young.

I used to love making up bedtime stories for my girls when they were little,

and those became the most requested stories each night.

I created this because...

Children are impacted by anxiety at a higher level than ever before, and they

struggle to put those feelings into words to ask for help.

 You can check out these findings of the Covid-19 impact on childhood anxiety here. 

I know that Niko Discovers the 5 Senses Game is going to

provide your child with tools they can take into adulthood.

Here are just some of the things people are saying about the book...


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