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Coming Soon! Niko Learns About the 5 Senses

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

There is so much uncertainty today. The news can be so frightening, the economy is shattering amongst the pandemic, and we are not sure what our next steps are supposed to be. Anxiety and depression are at a record high. Just look around you. Are you seeing frustration in the eyes of those you see in public places, hiding behind the masks we have come to rely on but secretly hate? Our confidence in humanity has been challenged. The political divide is crushing our democracy, and our international foes are sitting back, smiling.

That is how the adults are feeling, am I right? Well, now, imagine how the children are feeling? They can hear us from the other room, sense the angst in our voices, the tension in our responses, and the fear in our eyes. They can listen to the news that is playing in the background. They do not understand it all, but they sure can tell that life is not right. They are not feeling the safety of home, and they are missing their friends and family, just like we are.

In my upcoming book, Nico Learns About the 5 Senses, children will learn about the five senses and a game they can practice as they need. The story brings a child through a mindfulness technique to reduce anxiety and bring about peace. It is a step-by-step process that is easy and fun, and children can follow on their own once they have read the story a few times. They'll be able to use the same steps wherever they are. It will be a tool they can use whenever they feel out of control or fearful, anxious, or even just bored. It's a technique even parents will enjoy and find useful in this chaotic world we are living in. Please check back often for our publication date! We are excited to share it with you and hope you will find it an excellent book for your family and a gift for others! Are there other techniques that you use that you think would make for a new story? I'd love to hear your ideas. If I select one, I will give you a signed copy of the story! Leave ideas in the comments below!

Niko's been worrying a lot about his friend who is scared because his mother is very sick. Niko is afraid his mom may become sick too. His mother recognizes the worry and suggests they play a game, so they go to sit outside on the back porch. Niko's mother walks him through a mindfulness game that helps Niko redirect his thought from what-if, to what is, using each of his five senses. This book helps children understand that they can play this fun game to help relieve their worries whenever they need help to refocus. Hope you'll enjoy this story with your children or grandchildren, and find the technique works well for everyone.

Please consider supporting our Kickstarter Campaign, to help bring this hardcover book to life. We really appreciate your support, and excited to share some great gifts for your support. You can find the link to the campaign on our front page of the site.

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