From Chaos, Courage & Coffee to Correll Communications

As many of you already know, my original blog has changed its name, and host site, to here. It is so much easier to manage and has allowed me the opportunity to add new features that are much easier to manage. Though, I do wish I had been able to save my previous posts. But for those who have come along, I am excited to share the new book that I am hoping will be published soon. As you can see, I am also working on another project with my sweet cousin, her passion project, and we hope to have that ready to go

soon as well. Please stick around, and visit often, we plan to have lots of great. Please take a look around. I would love to have you send along a comment, or even an idea - if there is a children's book you would like to see out there, let me know. I have a few more that I am working on and would love to make sure I am reaching a need. I wish you all a wonderful holiday and take a few moments to read, for yourself and for your little ones.

Let me introduce my 13-1/2 yr old, Gracie, our Labradoodle. She loves Christmas and searching for her presents.

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