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Empowering Children with Tools to Recognize and Manage Emotions!

Children are faced with daily obstacles, from learning challenges, bullying, abuse, and COVID-19 fears, to just name a few. They hear mixed messages about the virus and the vaccine and they look to their parents for truth and trust they are making decisions to keep them all safe and healthy.

Children do not understand the inner feelings of uncertainty and physical stresses that are taking place, causing upset tummies, headaches, and changes in behaviors and social skills. Parents should look for these changes, including the child avoiding events, playdates, and even parties, or unusual quietness as a sign of their child's emotional health.

Opportunities to talk about such feelings and changes are available through together time reading and talking. Niko Discovers the 5 Senses Game storybook offers both parents and children the opportunity to follow along as Niko learns to play a game to calm his anxiety and reset his emotions. The game empowers children to take back control and reset BIG feelings to be able to move forward and focus on their day.

A new audiobook, The 5 Senses Game Play-Along, provides children with step-by-step instructions, as I walk listeners through the game, and revisit some of the examples from the storybook. A new digital game worksheet is also available to facilitate children's play while following along.

The worksheet helps children quickly recall the items they select for each sense during the game and also provides them with emojis to help them determine their emotion with each of the objects inspired through gameplay. At the end of the game, they will revisit each sense, their selection, and the feelings it brought them as they experienced it.

Parents may find the tools useful for the entire family and can share and support each other's needs through group play. Just like the story, the audiobook play-along will open up communication between family members about how big emotions impact them. The 5 senses Game is a simple start to building skills for healthy emotional responses to everyday stressors.

The entire Niko Collection helps children learn to recognize changes in their emotions before losing control. Each is designed to empower them to stop the uncomfortable feelings by resetting their mindset to their environment, one sense at a time.

I hope you find each product helpful and useful for your family and would love to hear about your experiences. Send along a message or picture of your child reading the book, playing the games and activities, and with your permission, I will share those pictures here on my website and

my social platforms.

Thank you all for your kindness and support. Together, we can help to strengthen all children's resiliency for a better future.

Don't forget!

There are many children's organizations that would enjoy having a copy of the Niko Discovers the 5 Senses Game storybook and audio play-along. You can donate books and products to your favorite children's charity.

If you are interested in making a book donation to any non-profit organization, you may do so by ordering online on the Shop page and including the proper shipping address in the appropriate fields. Your book/product donation will be made in your name and shipped with a note letting the organization know of your generous gift.

It takes a village to raise children, and we are all part of the

great American village called the United States.

Be Well,


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